Honesty…Is It Always the Best Policy?

Most would agree that honesty is the best policy. But, how many times have you been guilty of “modifying” the truth a little to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?

Being completely and totally honest is appropriate in instances, but, think about it… honesty is really about packaging. Sometimes, the truth is easier to swallow wrapped in a sugar coating.

For instance, when asked by the co-worker who is wearing a see-through blouse and bootie shorts, “Do you like this outfit?” Or when your girlfriend asks, “Were you just checking her out?” What do you say in these types of situations? The unvarnished truth? I don’t THINK so! You might modify your response to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, or to dodge a potential debacle.

Honesty doesn’t mean you have to be blunt or rude, as there are tactful ways to tell someone how you feel, or give advice. In some situations, it best to probably not say what you are really thinking. That’s what an internal monologue is for!

Overall, honest is the best policy, as long as your delivery of the truth is in consideration of the other person’s feelings.


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