Stay Mostly In Your Sweet Spot!

Let’s say your wife fell in love with you because you were a great dancer and a wonderful cook, among many other traits. However, you decided you wanted to bowl instead of dance, and eat fast food instead of making incredibly creative gourmet meals. How would your wife feel?

Well, she might try to be supportive of your new attempted skill sets, but isn’t it possible that she might be disappointed by your not doing what she really thought your strong suits were?

Let’s translate that to a business lesson. You have certain skills, goods, services, products, that you are known for, your “sweet spot,” but all of a sudden, you try to sell a completely new, untried, untested set of services or products to your customers. How might that go over?

Well, some customers might try to be supportive like your wife; while others may say, this dude has no idea what he’s doing, so not only am I not going to get this new stuff from him, I’m gonna yank all my other stuff too!

Does this mean that you should never try offering new products and services? Absolutely not! It does mean, however, that you should practice really, really hard and get really, really good at something before offering it to your very valued clients. big_eyed

It’s always best to operate in your sweet spot, because that is where you shine. Don’t be that big-eyed fish, because the ending isn’t so great!

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