Do You Really Need To Change the Whole World?

It’s an intoxicating, noble and exciting idea isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to “change the world?” It would be great for an individual to take some sort of action and bring about widespread and permanent change to the entire universe.

Or would it?

What if that change you made disrupted otherwise peaceful and stable situations? Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

Most of us are good-hearted, well-meaning individuals, and many of us have a desire or drive to help others.

Rather than thinking “globally,” as in “changing the world,” might it not be better to think more specifically, trying to assist those in your immediate orbit? You can better monitor the effects of those changes to assure yourself you are doing the right thing, and not causing any unintended harm along the way.

Individuals, governments and civilizations have all fallen into the trap of trying to “change the world” when all that is really needed is to simply address some relatively and proportionately minor issues.

Don’t fall in that trap.

If you are compelled to help others, look closer to home. Relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors, see if any of these folks whom you know personally could benefit from your assistance, in whatever format you deem appropriate.

Imagine if every individual did this, there might be no need for someone to “change the world.”

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