So Right

Do you love your job? Do you have passion for what you do every day? Is it meaningful and fulfilling to you?

We spend so much time at our jobs, getting to our jobs, going home from our jobs, and thinking about our jobs that it would be great to be able to say you love your job!

I have two daughters in college who are currently considering what to do after they graduate. They also have friends who are entering the workforce now, who are posing similar questions. What would I love to do every day and make a good living at?

Not everyone has the luxury of really enjoying what they do. However, a competent, intelligent person with a strong work ethic should be able find a position where he or she is compensated for doing something he or she is passionate about.

In the past, changing jobs used to have a negative connotation, with potential employers frowning upon multiple job changes. Those days are gone. The person, skill set and attitude is far more important currently and if you are not happy in your present position, perhaps you should give some serious thought to changing to a job/career that you would find highly rewarding.

I love my job, and I love printing (for those of you, who don’t mind some “language”, watch this video of a printer who REALLY loves printing: 

In extreme cases of people who love their jobs, some even write songs about it:



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