My husband and I “speak” for our dogs. You do that too, right?

“Wolfie says pass the chicken.” “Sarge says he thinks you forgot to feed him dinner.”

Stuff like that.

The other day, after coming home to find some papers ripped up by a bad doggie, I found myself hearing, “Woody says he’ll be a good boy from now on and won’t destroy any more items that don’t belong to him.” Yea, right.

Which got me thinking about promises, especially those that won’t be kept.

At work, how many times do you hear promises from coworkers, clients, vendors, that you just KNOW will be broken? What a bad feeling that is! It might be something as innocuous as “I’ll look into that right away and get back with you.” When you don’t hear back, does that count as a broken promise? In my book, it does.

How hard is it to just do what you say you are going to do? If you think there might be a problem, then the answer is simple: DON’T MAKE A PROMISE YOU’RE NOT SURE YOU CAN KEEP.

Be an honorable person, at work, at home, with your friends and family. Be that resource who can be trusted to keep your word. You’ll sleep better at night.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t be a bad little doggie.


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