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Who would you rather have working for you…someone who always thinks he knows more than you do, or someone who believes every word from your lips is the smartest and most interesting thing he has ever heard? Well, maybe that is an exaggeration; however, employing an intern should be considered when possible. ADVANTAGES OF INTERNS Interns can be smart, motivated, quick learners (they’re already in school, right?), take instructions well, have limited expectations, are eager, industrious, hard workers! They are grateful for the work experience, can be cheap (or free), and want to impress. An added benefit…interns don’t have years
You’re concerned about your job security. Your boss is a stress ball. Your spouse is crabby. Your coworkers are glum and unmotivated. The news in the piece of paper that used to be a full-grown newspaper is all bad. You feel an extreme lack of control. What to do? EXERCISE! May as well work off some of that frustration and stress in a positive and healthy way. But make sure you start out slow if you aren’t much of an exerciser. How about taking Rover out for a nice brisk after dinner walk through the neighborhood? Why not jump on
to do list
How do I love To Do Lists? Let me count the ways, or at least write a list of them! Is there a better feeling than crossing off an item on a list? I’d be hard pressed to think of many, especially if a person is determined and focused. Some things you need to do everyday, so why not write them down and cross them out as you do them? That way, you are already on your way to increased productivity as you get that adrenaline rush of having accomplished goals. This breeds the desire to do more, to achieve more,


  1. As an intern I’d like to say Thank You… as I’m sure you can imagine this spring it was especially hard to find an internship, I’m currently with a company that I LOVE but it is nice to know that there are other employers out there who like interns and are willing to give college students a chance!

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