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Did you think your homework obligation was complete just because you aren’t in school anymore? WRONG! Now, more than ever, it is crucial for your continued success in ANY endeavor to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!   It doesn’t matter WHAT activity you are engaged in…business development, customer service, or simply just trying to keep your job. If you do your homework and go that extra mile, you will prevail! Heck, forget the extra mile anymore, an extra INCH will put you head and shoulders above the rest!   Although it seems oxymoronic (did I make that up?), in today’s tough economic
Have you been ordered to cut your budget? Duh! Who hasn’t? Examining line item costs is always a good practice in any economy. But, when you get to your Marketing budget, BEWARE! Before you go slashing through that, remember the difference between trimming FAT and cutting into MUSCLE.   In a soft economy, your competitors are cutting back on their marketing, so NOW IS THE TIME TO BEEF UP YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS, NOT DECREASE THEM!   According to Forbes Magazine, “research shows that companies that consistently advertise even during recessions perform better in the long run.” In fact, “companies that
Here’s something to think about:   Email can be an excellent way to stay in front of your clients. But, what makes it good, makes it bad too. Huh?   Email pops up about 12 inches from your clients’ noses, wanted or unwanted. He or she might be in the middle of a meeting. Or lunch. Or a conference call. And there it is, YOUR EMAIL, an undesired interruption.   Compare that to traditional mail.   An envelope, letter or postcard is held onto, put aside, read later. It is not so ultimately intrusive. PRINTED COMMUNICATIONS are subtle and polite.

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