Want to get a response? Ask me how!

Do you ever feel like that tree which falls in the forest and never finds out if anyone heard its thunderous tumble? Yo, dude, didn’t you hear that? If you write emails, for work or personally, and wonder if your communique went spiraling off into the ether never to be seen or heard from again, this tip is for you. Ask a question. Say what? That’s what I said, simply ask a question. Even if your email is of a purely information-disseminating purpose, you still want to be sure the recipient got and read it, don’t you? Then just ask….



I guess I’m on a communications kick these days, so hear we go again (misspelling on purpose)! Is there a difference between what you hear and what the other person is saying? See my favorite, Gary Larsen, and his famous Farside cartoon. Is this how you are communicating, either hearing or speaking? Is your message getting lost in translation? And how will you know if your message has been received clearly or how can you be sure you heard someone else’s message as it was meant to be understood? For lack of a more elegant process, maybe repetition will work? If…

voice mail

How to Make Voice Mail Your Friend

This blog entry is taken liberally from one of my favorite printing industry consultants, Bill Farquharson who claims to love voice mail more than warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Personally, I think that’s a little crazy, mostly because I am a cookie fan, but I understand where Bill is coming from. Although many people dislike voice mail because it keeps them from speaking immediately to the person they want to speak with, the prevalence of voice mail is large and growing, and most likely will not abate over time. This may fall under the category of “If you can’t…