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This unforgettable and seemingly never-ending pandemic is turning out to be the great equalizer. Barista and superstar alike are home,
There is a superpower that we all have easy access to every waking moment. Your shining smile. No, really, I
Pet peeve time. You buy something. Or travel somewhere. Or make plans. And something goes awry. What you ordered came
Are You Getting Taken for a Ride, or Are You in the Driver’s Seat? Everyone likes to be in charge
“Trust me. I’m in sales.” “The check’s in the mail.” “I won’t tell anyone.” “Don’t you believe me?" All of
Are you guilty of underestimating people on occasion? I know I am, and, I often discover, to my own detriment.
There’s something to be said for amiability. Smiling pleasantly, getting along, going along. People like amiable people. You know what
How are you as an apologizer? Does it stick in your craw? Make you annoyed because you felt justified in
My husband and I “speak” for our dogs. You do that too, right? “Wolfie says pass the chicken.” “Sarge says
If you are down, feeling defeated, worried and anxious, basically in the dumps, what is the best thing to do
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