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Welcome to my new theme for this blog space. I am, of course, talking about the “love” between vendors or
THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL…ISN'T HOW MOST PEOPLE ACT Why does something seem better when it’s done for others rather
In rewatching one of my favorite episodes from the Starz series Outlander, based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, it
flowing river
Today, I’m advocating for living in the moment rather than taking a long view all of the time. Watching an
Like a bolt from the blue, it hit me the other day…I’m a throwback. When did that happen? I’ve always
I have 2 rescue dogs who have been with me since they were each about 1year old, about 7 years
The following is a Guest Blog, written by Curry Printing's Marketing Manager, Melanie Moore I recently adopted a dog, along,
Equanimity My dad died early this morning. Having to fight my normal urge to use sarcasm, humor, optimism and light-heartedness
“You love herBut she loves himAnd he loves somebody elseYou just can't win” Has anyone other than me noticed that
How many times have we seen and heard celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and others receive public awards or accolades, and the

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