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It’s an intoxicating, noble and exciting idea, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to “change the world?” It would be great
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Do you ever feel stagnant? Stuck in the same gear? Not advancing at work or enjoying that satisfying sensation of
Life is full of choices…so many options from which to choose. Just ambling down a grocery store aisle reminds us
Do you consider yourself to be a judgmental person? I would guess that most people do not. However, there are
“The world can be a crazy ride.” Do you ever feel that way? I know I do, and I know
Welcome to my new theme for this blog space. I am, of course, talking about the “love” between vendors or
THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL…ISN'T HOW MOST PEOPLE ACT Why does something seem better when it’s done for others rather
In rewatching one of my favorite episodes from the Starz series Outlander, based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, it
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Today, I’m advocating for living in the moment rather than taking a long view all of the time. Watching an
Like a bolt from the blue, it hit me the other day…I’m a throwback. When did that happen? I’ve always

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