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Do you consider yourself to be a judgmental person? I would guess that most people do not. However, there are plenty in the world, so chances are you might actually be judgmental and don’t realize it. That’s ok, I’m not judging you! Being tolerant of others and their differences can be challenging, but a very worthwhile proposition. There are many colloquialisms and phrases having to do with this (pot and kettle, casting first stone, people living in glass houses, etc.) and there is a reason! Judging others has been going on for millennia. I would like to think that, in
“The world can be a crazy ride.” Do you ever feel that way? I know I do, and I know a lot of my clients, friends and coworkers do too. Do you have someone that can calm things down for you, who helps make your life easier? If you do, I’ll bet you really appreciate them. That is how we at Curry Printing try to treat our clients, and one another. Each of us tries to make the lives of our clients easier, less stressful, and perhaps even happier. I was given advice years ago by a valued client who
You know how when you hear something new and before you have experienced it firsthand, you’ve made a judgement about it? I’ll say we are all “guilty” of that, and I use the word “guilty” because it’s never great to “pre-judge” something before having enough data to make a fair observation. However, I’ll give us a all a free pass, mostly because our worlds are filled with so much data that, in order to keep our sanity, we must be able to form snap judgements. The alternative is to be constantly overwhelmed by all our brains take in. When I

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