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Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on Getting bad service anywhere sucks, right? Having an inattentive server in a restaurant, or a rude ticket agent at the airport, or a grumpy cashier at the grocery store all can diminish the quality of your experience. What is possibly worse than being on the receiving end of bad service? How about NO SERVICE AT ALL? You don’t even have the chance to experience a negative interaction because NO ONE EVER GOT BACK TO YOU! This inexplicable phenomenon happened to a work associate of mine recently, and it boggles the mind. He wanted to
pexels-photo-987585.jpeg Good Excuse to Complain Who doesn’t love to complain? Admit it, when you are upset about some issue or perceived slight or unmet expectations, doesn’t it feel good to just let loose on the representative of said irritation? I’ll cop to my share of venting inappropriately. With my advancing age comes greater experience and breadth of view. It occurred to me recently that HOW you complain can be the difference between getting a happy resolution or simply raising your own blood pressure. While I hate to continue to quote tired old saws, “you catch more bees with honey than
Until I recently turned 56 years old, I never understood the saying “Youth is wasted on the young.” That old saw always seemed to be a tired and vaguely jealous complaint by a bunch of cranky older folks wishing to relive their salad days (Millenials: look it up). I think I get it now, though, and it’s not a happy thought. All of us are born with one life to live and one body to live it in. How many of us can look back on our youth and think “Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t change one single

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