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We’ve all been reading about the “Great Resignation” for the past few months now, and likely there are as many opinions about the situation as there are people who either work or who employ others. Having heard horror stories about organizations’ bad behavior during (and before) the pandemic, we seem to be more sympathetic to the mistreated employees, who are reacting to treatment ranging from benign neglect to illegal practices. Not every employer is a “greedy,” abusive harridan or lech, taking advantage of unsuspecting and naïve employees. Some of us employers hold our positions in honor and responsibility, going above
It’s that time of year again, the time for giving to others. Did you know that your brain reacts more favorably and rewards you more when you GIVE rather than RECEIVE? Crazy, I know, but true! As a business owner, I give and receive all year long. I give paychecks, benefits, food, and praise to my team and in return I receive a work product that I can sell. By its very nature, there is a symbiotic relationship between business owner and employee. When that relationship is not in balance, the employee can leave, or the business owner can fire
flowing river
Today, I’m advocating for living in the moment rather than taking a long view all of the time. Watching an Allman Brothers concert from 1991, I was happy to see Dickey Betts performing his wonderful love song, Blue Sky. That must be one of ABB’s most enduring and popular songs; it’s certainly a favorite of mine. The lyrics are few but powerful: Walk along the river, sweet lullaby, it just keeps on flowing, it don’t worry about where it’s going. There’s a wake-up call to live in the moment and not to get bogged down in trying to control your

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