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I heard Dave Matthews Band’s complex and powerful song Drunken Soldier the other day and was reminded yet again of the meaning we can find in great songs. Dave bills this song as a letter from a father to his children, and like most parental advice, it can be widely applied and practiced. The song plaintively begs “Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re not.” This could be the best advice given to both children and businesses. In order to successfully apply this wisdom, the first thing one must do is actually have some self-awareness. This in itself is
The following is a Guest Blog, written by Curry Printing’s Marketing Manager, Melanie Moore I recently adopted a dog, along, it seems, with everyone else in the world during this never-ending pandemic. I actually applied for well over 30 dogs across the span of several months, and despite providing a list of references spanning decades, a detailed description of my home and daily schedule, and swearing a blood oath to never mistreat an animal, I was rejected time and again. So when MY dog waddled into my life, I was ecstatic. He’s a twenty-pound dachshund/basset hound mix and truly the
Equanimity My dad died early this morning. Having to fight my normal urge to use sarcasm, humor, optimism and light-heartedness is almost as tough as sitting beside him, holding his hand and watching him slowly withdraw and diminish. Death is the great leveler: everyone eventually succumbs to the indignity of mortality. While it seems like all year long we’ve been immersed in discussions and considerations of death in a broad and impersonal way because of the pandemic, the dying of one particular individual blows all those vague and hypothetical conversations out of the water. Relationships are complex and people are

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