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What’s that expression, “Doctor, heal thyself”? You ever walk outside of a hospital and see the medical staff standing in clusters surreptitiously smoking cigarettes, and think to yourself, “Are you kidding me?” Of any humans on the planet, these people should see the deleterious health effects of smoking, and yet, here they are, publicly demonstrating their contempt for the known consequences of this behavior. While I smugly think, “I would never engage in a behavior that I knew for a fact was unhealthy,” I’ve come uncomfortably close to the metaphorical meaning of this phrase recently at work. The desire to
Do you ever feel like that tree which falls in the forest and never finds out if anyone heard its thunderous tumble? Yo, dude, didn’t you hear that? If you write emails, for work or personally, and wonder if your communique went spiraling off into the ether never to be seen or heard from again, this tip is for you. Ask a question. Say what? That’s what I said, simply ask a question. Even if your email is of a purely information-disseminating purpose, you still want to be sure the recipient got and read it, don’t you? Then just ask.
There’s a nice platitude for you, bet you’ve never heard that one before. JK, we all know that one, it’s about being short-sighted. When all you can see is directly in front of your face, it’s difficult to gain a more global and wide-reaching perspective. Recently at work, I experienced a small incident that caused me to think of this platitude and how it might be worth a revisit to all of us. We had an open position where I work, and I was in charge of filling that position. I took out an ad and had a very large