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Into every life comes a time when we have to do something we do not want to do. It’s unpleasant. It’s sad. It’s upsetting. It’s unpalatable. It’s painful. It’s hurtful. It’s confrontational. It’s difficult. Pretending like the issue doesn’t exist only exacerbates the situation; procrastinating doing what you know you must is detrimental not only to the final outcome, but to your own self esteem and frame of mind. Think of walking around with butterflies in your stomach or feeling like you left the stove top on at home. An unsettled, worrying sense of doom washes over you until you
Every day it seems like all of us become more “accepting” of the pandemic situation in our lives. Things that seemed utterly incomprehensible and beyond the pale a few short months ago are now almost taken for granted. Masks. Social distancing. Working from home. No eating out. No large gatherings. No live music. No travel. Even at the beginning of all of this, I’ll bet many of us were simply in a state of disbelief, not realizing how ingrained the privations would become, and how quickly! We literally couldn’t wrap our minds around the possibility that these intrusive measures would
I heard Dave Matthews Band’s complex and powerful song Drunken Soldier the other day and was reminded yet again of the meaning we can find in great songs. Dave bills this song as a letter from a father to his children, and like most parental advice, it can be widely applied and practiced. The song plaintively begs “Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re not.” This could be the best advice given to both children and businesses. In order to successfully apply this wisdom, the first thing one must do is actually have some self-awareness. This in itself is

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