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Do you ever feel stagnant? Stuck in the same gear? Not advancing at work or enjoying that satisfying sensation of progressing forward? In a rut? “Grow” yourself out of it! Spend some time trying to develop personally. This doesn’t necessarily mean making major changes, like enrolling in a master’s program, getting plastic surgery or growing a man bun! How about reading a book relating to your business or profession? Maybe watch a webinar on time management? Take a new yoga class at your gym? Look into a new and interesting hobby? Small, incremental changes and improvements are always the way
Pleasure and pain are two opposite forces, each sending different signals to the brain. The pleasure signal gives the message: you should be getting more of this. The pain signal gives the equally, if not more, important message: you probably shouldn’t be doing this. When you are at work, you deal with these competing signals every day. There are some chores or tasks that bring pleasure, some that bring pain, and some that are most likely neutral. Is there a way to minimize or control those painful tasks or interactions? It would be worthwhile to try to do so if
Life is full of choices…so many options from which to choose. Just ambling down a grocery store aisle reminds us that every day, every hour, every minute, every moment practically, we need to make decisions. Granted, most are small choices, not weighty ones, and that is a good thing! It is easy to become mired in so many potential decisions, and we can become afflicted with “paralysis analysis” or “decision fatigue” which prevents us from moving forward. A good strategy to assist with this affliction is to simply put things in proper perspective. Ask a few questions, like: Is anyone

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