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Feast or famine. When it comes to follow up, this is what happens: You either are stalked hourly by a robocomputer emailing you about your unclaimed shopping cart on a website you visited by accident 3 years ago, or you get crickets from the person who took time to come out, meet with you, ask you pointed questions, so much so that you feel compelled to file a missing person’s report on him. Why does appropriate follow up seem like such a daunting challenge? If you are in sales (and these days, we all are, pretty much), and you respond
Ok, people, focus. You have limited time, and you need to get a project completed fast. Or you have to make a dinner reservation at a new place. Maybe you have to arrange for some service done on your home. Or you have to switch vendors at work. Time is a scarce resource. You don’t have the luxury of conducting multiple interviews, performing tons of research, and asking all of your friends. You’ve got 20 other tasks to accomplish, and all before your next coffee break. How can you decisively make your selection without blowing your time budget? First, spend
There is a superpower that we all have easy access to every waking moment. Your shining smile. No, really, I mean it. People who smile more often really do rule the world. Smiling improves your health by lowering your stress, releasing endorphins, lowering your blood pressure, and gives a boost to your productivity. Researchers have even found a link between smiling and longevity. And who wouldn’t want to live a long life if you’re going to be so darned happy! I have a concrete example of how smiling may actually enhance your employment opportunities. Recently, we were interviewing for a