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In rewatching one of my favorite episodes from the Starz series Outlander, based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, it occurred to me that punctuation is crucially important. Of course, we’ve all seen the funny Facebook memes: Let’s eat, Grandma vs Let’s eat Grandma. And you know, the struggle is real. I don’t know about you, but when I was younger and listened to records and songs on the radio, we pretty much had to guess what the lyrics actually said and meant, unless you were lucky enough to have them printed on the album’s liner notes. This was way
It’s funny how words can be charged with extra meaning, emotion, and weight. Consider the three commonly used words rationalize, justify, explain. Basically, all three words mean the same thing, they are verbs for trying to prove a point. Rationalize, in my mind, just seems bad. Which is weird for me, since I feel like I am the queen of rationality. What could be better for someone who is rational than being engaged in the business of rationalizing? But that’s not really the case. When I think of someone rationalizing, I imagine them twisting themselves pretzel-like until they can feel good about whatever
Does your life feel like a merry-go-round? A roller coaster? Bumper cars? A day at the amusement park doesn’t sound like so much fun when that’s your day every single day. With all of its intrinsic suckiness, the pandemic at least gave many of us the opportunity to hop off the rides and simply take a moment. Now that the much of the suckiness remains, but life is back to a blistering pace, maybe we need to be more intentional in our moment-taking. A family friend brought flowers to me recently, and there were some lovely roses in the arrangement.

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