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OK, it’s not the friendliest Bob Dylan song ever (in fact, I’d hate to have been the person he wrote this about!), but Positively 4th Street has a lyric in it that really resounds. “I wish that for just one timeYou could stand inside my shoesAnd just for that one momentI could be you” This was written to a person with whom it seems Mr. Dylan was having a major feud. He was clearly angry and upset, and felt that communication was not working, since neither one could truly empathize with the other. If they could put themselves in each
If you don’t live in Baltimore, aren’t from Baltimore, or have no relatives in Baltimore, go ahead and stop reading here. This is only for Baltimoreans. As a woman of a particular age, growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, a time when there was far more leeway given to those who used endearments to the fairer sex, I remember being called “sweetie,” “darling,” and “honey” by all sorts of older men who really shouldn’t have. I doubt most of them had bad intentions; the cultural norms at that time were different than today. Did I like these diminutive
Do you ever find yourself overthinking a problem? Hire consultants to help you figure things out? Go round and round with committees, dancing around issues but never coming up with solutions? Planning forever but never implementing? Pretty frustrating, huh? Quoting Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi from the song mentioned in this blog title, “I don’t claim to know all the answers.” However, I can offer a few suggestions. Often, the simple solution is the best one. Lots of sayings have sprouted around this one (ie KISS, if it barks like a dog, etc) and for good reason. The straightforward answer

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