I think my dog can LITERALLY read my mind

I have 2 rescue dogs who have been with me since they were each about 1year old, about 7 years ago now. I realize that every person who has a dog feels like they have a special bond, and that’s true. Dogs can feel our emotions and respond accordingly. What a wonderful feeling!

That is not what I am talking about here.

One of my dogs, Aspen, literally reads my mind. He knows what I’m thinking and responds accordingly. I’m not talking about me walking to the pantry and he assumes I’m going to give him a treat. No, nothing so straightforward or obvious.

He knows what I’m about to do and then preempts me even before I do it, letting me know who’s really in charge.

Two examples come to mind.

My dogs stay home during the day while I’m at the office. I have a nice yard that they run around in, so I don’t take them for walks (they are both bad on leashes and it’s more like waterskiing than walking). Thus, they rarely leave the house or yard. Periodically (maybe every other month or so), I will take them in the car with me to run some errands, because I know they both like going for rides.

Let me reiterate that this is a rare occurrence, and there is no particular schedule or pattern or routine to this.

I don’t know how he does it, but the minute the thought even pops into my head to take them with me, it’s like he also knows instantaneously and starts leaping around like a lunatic by the door to the garage. Mind you, I haven’t said one word to them about going for a ride, I’ve only just had the idea.

Freaky, I know.

Here’s another example that happened this morning which instigated this blog. As Spring thaws everything out, there’s a ton of mud and dirt and mulch in my yard – and thus on my floors and in my house – being tracked in by my exuberant boys. I don’t get too annoyed… Hey, I’ve got 2 big dogs, if that kind of stuff truly bothered me, I wouldn’t have them in the first place. It just comes with the territory this time of year.

Now to the possibly TMI part… my rescues sleep in bed with me every night. This time of year, I notice particles of dirt etc. not only on top of my blanket as the dogs jump up on the bed to sleep, but sometimes between my sheets as well.

Aspen has a habit of curling up on my side of the bed, laying his head on my pillow after my alarm goes off in the morning while I’m in the shower and getting ready for work. He does this every single morning.

I recently thought to myself, “I should remember to cover up my sleep area before I get in the shower so Aspen can’t drag any dirt that gets in my sheets.” I remembered to do it for exactly one day. The next day (this morning), I forgot until I was in the shower, and then thought to myself, “Shoot! I forgot to throw my blanket over my sleeping area! I’ll bet Aspen has already dropped a pound of dirt on my sheets.”

Getting out of the shower, I was prepared to see Aspen as usual curled up with his head on my pillow lying in my sleeping space.

I walked into my bedroom and was shocked to see Aspen snoozing peacefully ALONGSIDE MY TOSSED ASIDE BLANKET, next to my sleeping area, so as not to drag dirt into my sheets. He’s never been in that place before at that time.

I’m telling you, the boy is a mind reader, and I’m going to have to watch my thoughts!

If anyone has any good ideas to test out on him, I’m all ears.

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