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I guess I’m on a communications kick these days, so hear we go again (misspelling on purpose)! Is there a
Generation axe
So last night for my husband’s birthday, we went to see Generation Axe, an amalgam of 5 top guitar soloists
word choice
Do you pay much attention to the words you use when communicating? In thinking mostly about verbal communication, do you
Have you wondered who actually falls for those ridiculous scams?  Are people really that gullible and naive? Well, I’m certainly
hidden talent
Do you remember Flat Stanley, a two-dimensional boy in children’s books? Here’s something to consider: there are very few “Flat
self improvement
Being happy and content in one’s own skin, both at work, at home and with family, should be a goal
“The world can be a crazy ride." Do you ever feel that way? I know I do, and I know a
OK, it’s not the most friendly Bob Dylan song ever (in fact, I’d hate to have been the person he
If you are down, feeling defeated, and worried about the economy, basically in the dumps, what is the best thing
As I was writing the last blog, I realized that there were more business lessons that need to be mentioned,
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