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asking for help
There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who ask for help at every possible opportunity, often appearing
Trust can be a very delicate construct. Every day we make choices about who we can and cannot trust, and
Are you a worrier? Sometimes? Most of the time? Never? Worry is interesting. Even though it is a “negative” emotion
Perhaps some people enjoy getting up in front of friends, family, work associates, or even complete strangers, and speaking or
(DEDICATED TO OUR DEAR FRIEND G) There are many variables which can help determine the substance and nature of long-term
I guess I’m on a communications kick these days, so hear we go again (misspelling on purpose)! Is there a
Generation axe
So last night for my husband’s birthday, we went to see Generation Axe, an amalgam of 5 top guitar soloists
word choice
Do you pay much attention to the words you use when communicating? In thinking mostly about verbal communication, do you
Have you wondered who actually falls for those ridiculous scams?  Are people really that gullible and naive? Well, I’m certainly
hidden talent
Do you remember Flat Stanley, a two-dimensional boy in children’s books? Here’s something to consider: there are very few “Flat
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