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She’s Gone, Oh Why?

Hall and Oates asked this plaintive question about a dozen times in their song She’s Gone from 1976. Sadly, I remember when that song came out.

Perhaps she’s gone because they were so whiny? But I digress…

My college-age daughter’s roommate proposed an interesting idea regarding break-ups. Why not have a “Break-Up Checklist” in which you have a list of all of the things that went wrong, or just weren’t right. You can check off the list each time there is a break up and perhaps begin to recognize a pattern. In that way, one could be forewarned and forearmed when similar situations begin occurring again in new relationships.

As a dyed in the wool list-maker all my life, I ADORE THIS IDEA! Not necessarily just for break-ups, but to help people recognize patterns in their own lives and try to change what had become almost inevitable.

When something goes wrong in your life, either personally or professionally, do you find yourself reacting with “Not again!!”? If this happens often enough, how about trying to make a check list that could help you prevent a similar situation in the future?

Hey, anything that can help avoid pitfalls has to have some merit, right?

Perhaps if Hall and Oates had made checklists, they wouldn’t have been so dumbfounded as to why She’s Gone.

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  1. Oh I can see, love’s taken it…toll on me (hee-eee!). (Freshman year dorm – singing in to the mirror. Freedom Rider was too dark to sing all the time).

    Where would the entertainment business be without the drama?! One of the most ludicrous moments is watching a battle-scarred veteran (aka middle aged mother or father) try to convince their offspring of the relative non-importance of the relationship failure.

    fun post!

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