Top Ten Things We’d Like Our Significant Other To Say

10.) “Of course those jeans don’t make you look fat!”

9.) “I insist, let ME make the bed this morning.”

8.) “Instead of watching the football game, how about if we go to the park and have a romantic picnic.”

7.) “Honey, Brad Pitt has NOTHING on you!”

6.) “You know, I love YOUR mother almost as much as I love my own!”

5.) “Let ME feed the baby, 2 am is such a peaceful hour to be awake, and I wasn’t even that tired anyway.”

4.) “I think you SHOULD go away to Vegas with the boys for a week, it sounds like a hoot, and I’ll be happy to stay with our 7 kids, you deserve the break!”

3.) “How could I even THINK of looking at someone else when I have the most beautiful woman in the world already?”

2.) “You stay put, and I’ll get you another beer, I don’t want you to miss one minute of the game!”

1.) “Guess what, sweetie, I just won the lottery!”


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