Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Do you eat right? CHECK! Fruits/veggies/whole grains? CHECK! Get plenty of sleep each night? CHECK! Exercise? CHECK! Go to the doctor for annual check ups? CHECK! Dentist every six months? CHECK!

How about getting enough laughs each day? HUH?

That’s right, laughing is really good medicineThere are many, many beneficial consequences of getting lots of laughs in every day, physical and emotional.

How can you get your laughs in? It probably depends on your sense of humor, and the people with whom you surround yourself. Think about how you can get more laughs in your day…watching a funny TV show, reading funny books or articles, reviewing jokes and funny videos on Facebook or YouTube, enjoying some emailed jokes, going to a comedy in the movie theatre, attending a live comedy show at a comedy club, or maybe cracking some jokes yourself.

If you see or experience something funny, you can extend the benefits by reliving it, sharing it with friends, family, coworkers around the water cooler, etc.

My daughter Jacey and I watch a crazy, outlandish and laugh out loud funny show called Arrested Development. Watch the below clip and get some insight into one person’s twisted sense of humor:

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