Are You a Bad Apple or a Happy Honey?

You’ve heard the old saw, one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel?

Well, it’s true.

Have you experienced how one negative person can sour an entire roomful of otherwise happy people?


Don’t be the one complaining about your job. Or the weather. Or your in-laws. Or the traffic.

Maybe you are not the biggest optimist in the world, maybe you are more of a realist? If so, then you should avoid bad apples at all costs!

Don’t you feel happier and better when you associate with cheerful, optimistic people?

Doesn’t being with someone who is always complaining (warranted or not) bring you down?

Do you feel empowered when you are around people with a can-do attitude or demeanor? Positive attitudes become positive energy, and that type of cycle just feeds on itself until it is a natural state of being for you.

Ditch the bad apples, and hang with the happy honeys, you will find yourself happier too!

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