Shatter the Illusion of Integrity (part 2)

Not to pile on, but doesn’t it seem like we just can’t seem to get this integrity thing right here in Baltimore?

I guess this must happen in other municipalities, no?

But jeez Louise, really, more tawdry scandal again? And we can’t even claim a scandal of the salacious variety (think Anthony Weiner); ours is embarrassingly petty: not particularly large sums of money acquired in dishonest and/or questionable ways by Baltimoreans whom we are supposed to trust. Dixon with her gift cards. DeSousa avoiding income taxes. And now Healthy Holly. As longtime Baltimore chronicler and conscience Dan Rodricks reminds us, scandals like this seem to dog Baltimore and Maryland politics:

What gives, really? Is it possible that these folks don’t realize dishonest acts must always out in the political realm? Why? Because politics is by nature an adversarial realm. There’s someone on the other side, if not in your own party (primary) then across the aisle. And it’s olly olly oxen free in reverse, any bad deed you’ve ever done will be hunted to the ends of the earth and then revealed on social media at an undoubtedly inconvenient time for all to judge you. I’m not saying that everyone (or even anyone) is 100% “guilt-free.” Certainly, we can all point to moments in our own lives when we fell somewhat short of being angels. However, if you are considering a run for public office, or are currently in an elected or otherwise public position and have more ambitious aspirations, do us all a favor (and yourself) and keep your hand out of the damn cookie jar. And pay your damn taxes.

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