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I have 2 rescue dogs who have been with me since they were each about 1year old, about 7 years
The following is a Guest Blog, written by Curry Printing's Marketing Manager, Melanie Moore I recently adopted a dog, along,
Equanimity My dad died early this morning. Having to fight my normal urge to use sarcasm, humor, optimism and light-heartedness
“You love herBut she loves himAnd he loves somebody elseYou just can't win” Has anyone other than me noticed that
How many times have we seen and heard celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and others receive public awards or accolades, and the
Strange word selection, no? I’m not sure how common a phrase this is. Having heard it first in Econ 101
Does anyone under the age of 30 even know what a “love letter” is? Back in the day…before smart phones,
Not to pile on, but doesn’t it seem like we just can’t seem to get this integrity thing right here
There is a superpower that we all have easy access to every waking moment. Your shining smile. No, really, I
“Trust me. I’m in sales.” “The check’s in the mail.” “I won’t tell anyone.” “Don’t you believe me?" All of

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