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try something new
The Universe is Calling, Try Something New!
Have you become pigeonholed doing what you have been doing and not trying to do or experience new things? Are
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Doesn’t Remind Me
Do you spend time living in the past, thinking of decisions and opportunities and sinking with regret? Regret is a
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Laughter Is The Best Medicine!
Do you eat right? CHECK! Fruits/veggies/whole grains? CHECK! Get plenty of sleep each night? CHECK! Exercise? CHECK! Go to the doctor for annual check ups? CHECK! Dentist every
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change the world
Do You Really Need To Change the Whole World?
It’s an intoxicating, noble and exciting idea isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to “change the world?” It would be great
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self improvement
A Man I’ll Never Be
Being happy and content in one’s own skin, both at work, at home and with family, should be a goal
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What Makes You Feel Good?
Pleasure and pain are two opposite forces, which each send different signals to the brain. The pleasure signal gives the message:
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Getting Back to the Basics… with a Little Chicken Fried
Life is full of choices…so many options from which to choose. Just ambling down a grocery store aisle reminds us
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check list
She’s Gone, Oh Why?
Hall and Oates asked this plaintive question about a dozen times in their song She’s Gone from 1976. Sadly, I
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Judge Me Not
Do you consider yourself to be a judgmental person? I would guess that most people do not. However, there are
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Positively Use Empathy
OK, it’s not the most friendly Bob Dylan song ever (in fact, I’d hate to have been the person he
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