Want to get a response? Ask me how!

Do you ever feel like that tree which falls in the forest and never finds out if anyone heard its thunderous tumble? Yo, dude, didn’t you hear that? If you write emails, for work or personally, and wonder if your communique went spiraling off into the ether never to be seen or heard from again, this tip is for you. Ask a question. Say what? That’s what I said, simply ask a question. Even if your email is of a purely information-disseminating purpose, you still want to be sure the recipient got and read it, don’t you? Then just ask….


Try Being Consider-ate!

Have you considered what it truly means to be CONSIDERATE? Many people think it is just “being nice” to someone else. It is so much more than that, though! According to dictionary.com, the exact definition of “considerate” is showing kindly awareness or regard for another’s feelings, circumstances, etc. and marked by reflection; deliberate; prudent. All in all, being considerate seems like a good thing to be, right?  Being considerate is not simply knee-jerk reaction to act nicely toward someone else. If you break down the word, CONSIDER is the biggest part. That means TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING. Really consider situations from all sides before committing or reacting or doing something by rote. Consider the words…


The United States Post Office…We Love to Hate Them, but….

…they sure do get the job done. The USPS delivers literally billions of pieces of mail and packages each and every year. How’s this for a statistic…the USPS actually successfully delivers 99% of its mail to the addressee on the letter or package. 99% is pretty impressive, and I am a person who really does not like the post office. When you are thinking about how you want to reach someone…a customer, a prospect, an associate, consider your options. A recent study by ReturnPath posits that only 19% of permission-based email actually even gets through spam filters and people hitting…