Try Being Consider-ate!

Have you considered what it truly means to be CONSIDERATE?

Many people think it is just “being nice” to someone else. It is so much more than that, though!

According to, the exact definition of “considerate” is showing kindly awareness or regard for another’s feelings, circumstances, etc. and marked by reflection; deliberate; prudent.

All in all, being considerate seems like a good thing to be, right? 

Being considerate is not simply knee-jerk reaction to act nicely toward someone else. If you break down the word, CONSIDER is the biggest part. That means TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING.

Really consider situations from all sides before committing or reacting or doing something by rote. Consider the words you use, and how your audience will hear them. Consider the tone of voice you use, that is a big part of communication, and no matter how “right” your words are, if you convey them with a tone that does not match, your message will be 59316297muted, if not downright lost. Consider your body language while you are talking. Most communication is actually visual, so body language should be considered as much as words and tone.

How about being CONSIDER-ate of your written communication too? Email conversations, without the benefit of tone and body language, can be fraught with potential issues. Considering your language choices is crucial in this type of communication. Before hitting SEND, simply reread your text, pretending you are the person receiving it. Is the tone of your written words coming across as you intend? Does it seem overly harsh? How would you feel receiving the same correspondence?  Answer these considered questions, and then make some edits.

So many of life’s problems are communication related.  If you can improve your communication skills by being more CONSIDER-ate, wouldn’t that be a worthwhile endeavor.

And while you are CONSIDERING my words, why not Come See About Me…

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