Top Ten Things We’d Like To Hear Our Teenagers Say

10.) “No, let ME clean my room, I love it and find it very cathartic!”

9.)  “Mom, PLEASE sit between my boyfriend and me while we watch Mary Poppins together!”

8.) “Of course I’d rather do my laundry than go to the mall!”

7.) “Studying is my absolute FAVORITE part of the day!”

6.) “Oh, let’s go visit Grandmom and Grandpop instead of going to Disneyworld!”

5.) “I don’t need an allowance…I help out around here just because I love you so much!”

4.) “Tell us another story about what it was like when YOU were a teenager, I’m so interested to hear about it!”

3.) “You pick the movie we go see…I really admire your taste in films.”

2.) “I always prefer when you choose the radio station we listen to…your taste in music is SO MUCH BETTER than mine!”

1.) “Of course I want to grow up to be a doctor…what could be better than going to school for the better part of my life?!”

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