Top Ten Things We’d Like Our Doctor To Say

10.) “I’ve never seen a finer example of someone in perfect physical condition.”

9.) “There’s been a new breakthrough in exercise pharmacology…just take one of these pills each day, and it will be the equivalent to an hour of cardio each day!”

8.) “I’d like you to try this all chocolate diet…you could use to put on a few pounds.”

7.) “A new study shows that beer actually cultivates brain cells and encourages them to multiply.”

6.) “We have recently discovered any sleep over 4 hours a night is bad for you, so STAY UP LATE!”

5.) “Go ahead and eat all the fried foods you want…it promotes health and longevity.”

4.) “You are my 1 millionth patient, so your visits are FREE for the rest of your life!”

3.) “Come split a pizza with me…its got plenty of vitamins and protein!”

2.) “We don’t make you sign any waivers…we trust you not to sue us.”

1.) “We don’t give shots anymore, the medicine is right there in the lollipop!”

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