Do You Talk Too Much?

Dave Matthews Band has a song called Too Much that laments what the songwriter sees as the excesses of modern society. Excesses in many things can be bad. I have been more aware recently of people tending to talk too much.

When thinking about your most precious commodity, many people would agree that time IS answer. And what do you do if you tend to talk too much? You are freely and excessively abusing someone else’s valued commodity…time!

Can you be more precise and succinct in your communications with coworkers, vendors
and clients? Of course, I don’t mean that you should be rude or short with others. To the contrary, I am encouraging you to be considerate of your listener; be friendly and attentive, and be aware of how much you are speaking and taking up your listener’s time.

There can be factors that may cause a person to speak too much: nervousness, fear, uncertainty and excitement can all make us ramble on and on.42102

It is very likely that more of your listeners will want to spend more time with you if you simply talk less.

Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, there is a “JUST RIGHT” amount of talking each person should do.

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