Ok, I’ll admit it. I can be impatient.

Am I proud of that periodic character flaw? Well…

Not really.

I tend to get things done in a hurry. There’s an urgency about almost everything I do, in my perception. My days are organized so I can make the most of my time, both at work and at home. I get in to the office super early so I can take care of my daily responsibilities expeditiously, leaving time available for urgent rushes that always seem to pop up.

If a coworker, client or family member asks you to do something, chances are they want it done quickly.


Respond to that email.

Answer that question.

Handle that request.

Run that errand.

Clean that room.

I realize everyone is busy, but when something is asked of you in a reasonable manner, politely, respectfully, just get it done.

People, what are you waiting for?

If you can’t handle the request in that very moment, at least be considerate enough to inform the requestor when you plan to take care of it. And then ACTUALLY TAKE CARE OF IT WHEN YOU SAID YOU WOULD.

This is not rocket science, but if you do tend to handle things in a quick manner, you may be surprised at how happy you’ll make your coworkers, clients and family. It’s all about karma, after all.

And even though I love the Zac Brown Band, this song makes me want to yell at Zac, “Dude, wake up, you’ve got bills to pay!”


  1. Love this !! Why put off in till tomorrow what you Can get done today ! I Can’t stand lazy, slow people. The world is a forever moving fast paced place people do not like to wait. Also, when you put everything off you then are forced to play catch up later. Push yourself, set a goal and GET IT DONE !

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