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What is your preferred method of communication? You like email? Texting? Facebook messaging? Twitter dm? Phone call? In person meetings? Maybe a letter or handwritten note? How do you like to communicate and how do you like to be communicated with? Although some may have preferences based upon their personality types, I firmly believe that people’s communication preferences come from their age, or what generation they come from. Look at Miranda Lambert’s song “Mama’s Broken Heart,” for instance. In it, she complains that her mother comes from a “softer generation,” which explains why mother and daughter handle break ups differently.
Are you ever guilty of leaping to conclusions? Are your leapt-to conclusions ever wrong? It is a natural instinct to be reactive, most often when something negative happens. Our adrenaline starts pumping, our heart starts hammering, and rational thought seems to fly out the nearest window. Perhaps this isn’t the best way to handle bad situations. How about trying some good pieces of advice my mother told me: Count to ten before saying anything.If you want to put something in writing, compose it now and HOLD IT FOR 24 HOURS. Sleep on it, and revisit the next day. If you
How do you feel when you are a customer? Do you feel like the other person really wants to help you? Are they grateful and thankful for your patronage? Do they desire to provide you with a memorable, top-notch experience? Or is it something else? Do you feel like an interruption to someone? Do you believe they are reluctant to help you? That perhaps they don’t care if you are there or not? Maybe even wish you’d go someplace else? Now, look at how you treat your own customers, clients, co-workers, vendors and other constituents that fall within your orbit

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