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Have you ever seen the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life? Set in the 1930s, the film is about protagonist George Bailey, who operates a small business when the Great Depression hits. And while all of the working class, small business owners, and ordinary folk panic and attempt to pull all their funds from banks, the antagonistic “Corporate Giant” Henry Potter keeps his cool, increases his spend, and effectively buys the town. Ouch. Still incredibly relevant today. Did you know that almost half of U.S. adults believe that reduced or no advertising from retail stores, banks or auto dealerships during a
This one is recycled from 2009, but it’s just as relevant today as it was then. We’ve pretty much all been hit hard these last few months. If you have more time on your hands due to slower business or if you’re worried about spending any money whatsoever with times so tight, you’re not alone. But is it possible that you are over-scrutinizing your decisions to keep costs contained? Are you second-guessing yourself after having lost some faith in your abilities because of the economy? Any one of these alone could cause a mild case, but all taken together could
“You love herBut she loves himAnd he loves somebody elseYou just can’t win” Has anyone other than me noticed that the economic consequences of the COVID pandemic are just like J. Geils puts it in his iconic song, Love Stinks? As a small business owner who deals almost exclusively with other businesses, I’ve made an interesting observation… this COVID economic situation is full of disjointed extremes. On one hand, unemployment has skyrocketed to levels not previously seen in decades or longer. On the other hand, in speaking with people in various industries and reading the newspapers, there is a labor


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