Here is a lost art…the art of truly listening. Tumultuous times like these may provide an impetus for people to speak in order to make themselves feel better. Perhaps they are commiserating about the economy, perhaps they are looking for advice or ideas on how to improve sales or save money, maybe they just want to vent.Meet Paula Smith!

Here’s an idea…JUST LISTEN!

Listening is a true skill, and not always an easy one. There are so many “triggers” in a conversation that make you want to jump right in and make a comment. You have some knowledge of what is being discussed…you can relate…you can solve the problem.


A client might jump in to fill the silence with information you might find useful. A friend might open up with an important problem. A coworker might give you a compliment.

It is not always wise to be the one who is speaking the most. Remember, learning takes place when you are LISTENING not TALKING.

People like other people whom they feel are good listeners.

Remember: I regret often that I have spoken, never that I have been silent. Syrus  

 Why not try it today, YOU MIGHT LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR!

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