Keep Your Eye On The Ball, Just Not A Ping Pong Ball

Does this ever happen to you…you’re at your desk working on a report, and then your mind strays to what you are serving your family for dinner that night? Or, you are watching your 8-year-old playing a little league baseball game, and you begin composing an email to an important client?

This is not good.Meet Paula Smith!

We all wear many hats and take on many roles in our lives: employees, parents, vendors, siblings, tenants, children, supervisors and friends. It is difficult to be the best at any one of those responsibilities, let alone be great at all of them!

Sometimes the best we can do is to simply concentrate on whatever we need to be or do at the moment.

Just because you put your full mind on your work when you are AT work does not make you any less of a good parent. And when you take your work hat off and are hanging with your kids or friends, you are still a great employee even without mentally planning your next committee meeting at work.

In fact, I would say that keeping your mind focused on precisely what you need to do at the time you need to do it will make you BETTER at all of those other responsibilities. You tend to be MORE PRODUCTIVE, MORE EFFECTIVE, and most important, HAPPIER!

Cutting Edge Sales BookHaving your mind go back and forth between roles like a ping pong ball will only leave you disoriented and confused!

Keep your eyes on the prize and you will have no more inner-conflict going on, secure in the knowledge that you are doing what needs to be done.

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