It’s a Dog’s Life…and That’s a Good Thing!

Smelly, drooling, needy, hairy, shedding, hungry, hyper. No, I’m not talking about husbands, I’m talking about dogs!

Yes, dogs can have all of those mildly negative characteristics, but try these: Loyal, friendly, loving, faithful, warm, caring, life-extending.

Now, you’re talking!

Pets can truly be your lifeline during trying and difficult times, such as recessions or personal economic downturns. You can turn to them for loving comfort, for unwavering affection, for non-judgmental support, for unconditional forgiveness.

Yes, pets require a great deal of work. There is the cost associated with food, health care, toys, etc. You have to exercise them. You have to care for them when you are not home. You may be restricted by how long you can be away from home. Your home may not look as clean or pristine as it would but for your pets.


Although it is a large investment and commitment, research shows that people who have pets tend to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. How about the great feeling you get by rescuing a poor, unhappy, lonely dog from a pound, and saving it from a life behind bars, or an unnecessary death?

Think about it…there is nothing like coming home every day to a family member who is thrilled to see you, who looks at you like you are the most wonderful person in the world, who acts as if they haven’t seen you in years by the magnitude of the welcome you get.

No, not talking about your husband, I’m talking about your DOG!

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