Hey Norm!

OK, I’m dating myself here (someone has to!), but who remembers the 1980’s and 90’s TV show Cheers?

Norm was a regular patron of a Boston bar, and everyone knew his name. TheNorm from Cheers owner/workers of the bar would all proclaim loudly, “Norm!” when he walked through the door every day, as if he were an unexpected long-lost best friend rather than a boozy regular who sits at the same barstool day in and day out.

Now, all of us in retail or customer service should pay attention to making our clients and prospects feel welcome and valued.

Having records of previous orders or transactions can certainly help clients place re-orders with you or get questions answered. Knowing their names makes them feel important and meaningful.

However, can we go too far in the familiarity we show our clients and prospects?

Chicago Tribune writer Christopher Borrelli wrote an article recently entitled “The tyranny of being a regular” in which he discussed the fact that he doesn’t always like being remembered at restaurants. Periodically, he’d like to try something new, or maybe be more “anonymous.”

I think maybe we can all relate to a certain extent, and should be more cognizant about the potential effect on our customers when we ask “Would you like the usual?”

Having information is like having a special weapon…one has to be careful and selective in its use for maximum effectiveness!

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