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Simple Selling Tips for Tough Times

Tough times call for real action and positive change. Salespeople know that better than anyone. Aggressively waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t work. Neither does doing the same things with double the energy. But there are things you can do in times like this.

Here are two tips that you can put into place this week with only a little effort:

1.) Distribute an insider sheet to your prospects. When your salesperson is absolutely unable to get someone engaged, have them hand your customer a small “insider sheet,” which could feature a blurb about a particular product, a customer, a salesperson, or an unadvertised promo item. But keep it brief, and make sure it looks professional. (That’s what professional printers are for.) Even if you aren’t a retail shop, it is useful to have something on hand that lists extra services you offer. The lawyer who offers notary services, the daycare that offers after school programs, and so on. What do you do that you need to tell people about?

2.) Meet with past clients for lunch. Not to sell more services, but to touch base and see how their business is coming along. Build a long-lasting relationship. Even when you know future sales will not be possible, meet with them anyway. Word of mouth from happy former clients goes farther than almost any advertising. Whether veterinarian to house painter, you have customers you haven’t seen in a while. Find out why.

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