There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who ask for help at every possible opportunity, often appearing to be lazy whiners, and those who never ask for any help ever, giving the impression of stubborn stoics.

Which category do you identify with? Me? I’m firmly in the second, and albeit a bit self-righteously, I happen to think my group far superior to the first. However, given enough contemplation on the subject, I’m starting to think we ain’t so grand either.

We all know “that guy” who will ask a coworker a question rather than find out the answer himself, it if means removing his ample bottom from his comfy and ergonomic chair. Or that gal who is so unsure of herself that she relies on someone else’s opinion, authority or just know-it-all-ness.

In the opposite corner, we see that woman who, when seen carrying a 75 pound box and is asked if she needs help, will firmly and with no small degree of indignation, reply “I can do it myself, thank you,” even as she’s trailing internal organs across the floor.

How about if we all agree to try a happy medium? Parties of the first part: get off your fanny, face your fears, and do it yourself! Parties of the second part: there’s no shame in letting someone else help you every now and again.

And then we can all listen to the Beatles!

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