Paper choices

The Paper Chase

Have you ever found yourself walking into Home Depot or Sherwin Williams hoping to buy a can of paint to cover the walls of a room in your house… …and stared unblinking and unbelieving at the approximately 10 million color choices you have available? Well, paper can be like that too. If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of selections, it’s possible to work yourself into a type of paralysis analysis whereby you may never make a decision. It is better to let the experts help guide your choice. You should always let form follow function….

“Well Done Is Better Than Well Said”

“Well Done Is Better Than Well Said” This is a quote from everyone’s favorite printer, Ben Franklin. And, like so many things he said almost 300 years ago, it is still applicable today. So, what is the big idea behind this important quote? Maybe it means that it is better to do something than just thinking about doing something? Maybe it implies that, no matter how good something sounds, until something is actually DONE, it may be meaningless? Maybe old Ben is trying to spur us on to useful, proactive and productive activities? Often, the idea of starting a task…

Feeling A Bit At Sea…Anchor Yourself To An Old Favorite

If you are like me, you probably have a stack of beloved books you haven’t read in a while. Perhaps you haven’t even thought about them? They are favorites, though, for a very important reason: they made some sort of noticeable impact on your life, at some point in time. Why not dust one off and give it another look? Was it a book that taught you a valuable and timeless lesson? Were you inspired and uplifted by the subject matter? Did you feel transported above the day-to-day, into the realm of the sublime? Was your moral compass altered or…