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2010…The Year of Customer Service

Some days you are on the giving end of it, some days on the receiving end of it. As important it is for you to get it, it is even MORE important for you to give it…to what am I referring?

Why, Customer Service, of course!

You know how important it is to you when you are making buying decisions…what restaurants to eat in, which shops to patronize, which merchandise to buy. Let that be an example of how YOU should care about customer service in your own job.

Even if you are not in a strictly-speaking “customer service” job function, everyone has some sort of “customer constituency” to keep happy. Perhaps it is a boss or coworkers, or students, or parents, or clients, or vendors, or even family members.

Remembering that how you treat others reflects back on you and your job should keep you always on your toes and being the best, most helpful “customer service rep” you can be!

If you are a business owner, maybe pay closer attention to how your staff is greeting your clients and prospects, either over the phone or in person. Is the phone picked up quickly? Are questions handled with “I don’t know” (bad) or “Let me find out” (good)? Are customers spoken to respectfully (good) or perfunctorily (bad)? Are people left on hold for a long time (bad) or asked if they prefer to hold or be called back (good)?

Do you find yourself doing one of the “bad” actions or are you consistently a “good” customer service person?

Why not make this an important New Year’s Resolution…to be the best customer service representative you can be!


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I am a third generation printer, and a second generation owner of Curry Printing. Ink (pms 185!) must run through my veins! As a "working owner," I am at Curry every day, working in and on my business. The old adage is true...if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!


  1. Like this blog. As I was covering out front yesterday I was able to see some things that would otherwise not be seen. Customer service over the phone was not up to standard. Time to train and re-establish standards. Thanks for the blog.

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