Life’s Been Good

I’ll just put it right out there… I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living.

As a printer I feel I am carrying on the noble tradition of putting ink on paper, helping individuals and businesses communicate their messages, and ensuring that the first amendment, literally freedom of the press, is protected and continued. Following in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, I believe in the importance of what I do. I know it is an honorable profession, providing value for value, and a needed service to those who choose to do business with me.

Is every day sunshine and unicorns? No, it is not. Are there challenges, issues, drama and problems that arise on a periodic basis? Sure. But, every single morning, I wake up with alacrity and excitement about tackling the brand new day ahead. The day can be whatever I make of it, and I always want to try to squeeze every last drop of productivity, cheerfulness and fun out of it.

Who are the people you are doing business with? Do they love what they do and value their profession as much as I do? I hope so! Do you feel good about your job and profession? Your mindset is so powerful, that if you have concerns, some positive self-talk may be all you need to make your impression of your job “great” rather than “just ok.”

Just listen to crazy Joe Walsh, he knows what he’s talking about:

About the author

I am a third generation printer, and a second generation owner of Curry Printing. Ink (pms 185!) must run through my veins! As a "working owner," I am at Curry every day, working in and on my business. The old adage is true...if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!

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