What does the dog do now that he’s caught the car?

OK, so you’ve carefully and contemplatively written and sent out your survey, and have gotten an excellent return rate…good for you!


Well, you’ve got a bunch of data that you need to mine for good, solid information.

Some things you may be looking for include:

  • What was your response rate? (how many of your clients/prospects took the time to complete and send back your survey?) If it seems low to you, perhaps you either didn’t survey the correct individuals, your survey was too long or not understandable, or you need to offer an enticement to encourage them to respond. Maybe a gift card, or a discount, or an entry in a drawing?
  • Do your clients seem willing to recommend you? If so, that is a good thing! You might consider highlighting your positive survey results in a direct mail piece or on your website.
  • Did you get positive written comments? Maybe you can turn them into a client testimonial brochure (with your clients’ permissions, of course).
  • Perhaps there were some negative responses? Those need to be examined very closely, because this is where the real value in a survey lies. These negative responses or comments will indicate that you have some shortcomings either with your operations, your products or services, your personnel, or some other area. If you see a pattern, that should be addressed immediately.

If your clients responded negatively and included their contact information, you should jump on that as soon as you read it. Let the client know that you are willing to address the issues.

It is said that clients offer more and stronger loyalty to firms who make mistakes and correct them well than to those who never make any mistakes. Fair? Not really. Important? You betcha!

Next week, we’ll go over some surveying options to get you started on the path to surveying nirvana!

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