And the survey says…take a survey!

How great would it be to have information such as:

  • How your clients like your products/services?
  • Would they recommend you to a friend?
  • What other products or services that you offer are they interested in hearing about?
  • How much money they plan to spend next year on your products/services?
  • How was their last experience with your company or organization?
  • What could be done to improve the quality of your products and services?
  • Who are your competitors and why?

What a treasure trove of useful and valuable information! How can you get all of that vital data? Just ask for it!

Provide a customer survey for your clients and prospects to complete. It is easier than you think.

It is important, however, not to over-think this.

Do-it-yourself surveys like this (where you don’t hire a professional customer satisfaction marketing firm) should be short and straightforward (remember, first do no harm!). You should keep it just a few questions long, only asking your client or prospect to spend a minute or two on it.

Emailed surveys are handy, and simple self–addressed stamped postcards inserted into delivered jobs work well too.

In my next entry, I’ll go over what form your questions should take, and what the common choices are. After that, I’ll discuss what to do with the information once you get it. Finally, I’ll let you know some sources for these survey products.

There is no reason to stand on ceremony, just step up and ASK for the information you need to improve your offerings to your clients.

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