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Trade Show Selling Strategies

After attending the On Demand trade show in Philadelphia last week, I would like to share some smart exhibitor selling strategies.

So, you’re an exhibitor, you’ve spent a lot of money on the trade show space, promotional items, booth, etc…how do you get attendees’ attention and turn them into serious prospects?

A good start is to have a booth that stands out, with interesting give-a-ways to ensure you will attract visitors. Lindenmeyr Munroe Paper Company was one of the exhibitors with a visually appealing booth. In addition, they were encouraging visitors to compete in a game of Wii bowling to enter to win a logo’d Lindenmeyr IPod. Not only were they able to gather business cards from the players for follow-up after the show, they provided a fun atmosphere to get to know potential prospects, qualify and connect.

Your booth and your promotional items are working and people are stopping by…for heaven’s sake, qualify by ASKING QUESTIONS! Don’t make the mistake of rambling on about your products, services, newest thingamabob you are selling. BEFORE discussing your products or services, qualify by asking questions like, “What are your needs?”

One of the exhibitors (who will remain anonymous), was launching a new digital press and the trade show personnel couldn’t answer a simple question about page size, leaving a not-so-good impression. Avoid this by taking time to work with your trade show staff so they are prepared to answer every conceivable question attendees might ask and KNOW THE PRODUCTS!

Make sure to have the fundamental sales skills to ask the right questions, provide the right information, and be ready to follow up after the show.

When you get back to the office, it is easy to be overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, catching up. But don’t miss out, FOLLOW UP and you will turn those qualified sales leads from the show into solid prospects!

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